Third ExPortLi: Proceedings

We are happy to announce that Toronto Working Papers in Linguistics is hosting a special issue of the proceedings of ExPortLi 2021. We invite presenters to submit article versions of their talks.

Toronto Working Papers in Linguistics (TWPL) is a free online journal produced by the Linguistics Graduate Course Union at the University of Toronto. We publish papers in theoretical, experimental, and variationist linguistics.

To submit, visit TWPL’s website (, create a login, and follow the submission instructions. Papers submitted by email will not be considered. The TWPL style guide is available here: The LaTeX style guide is available here:

While we ask your paper to be formatted according to our style guide, we ask that you do not include your name, affiliation, and other identifying information upon initial submission. This will help facilitate the review process.

We only accept submissions written in either English or French.

The deadline for submission is June 1st 2021. The page limit is 15 pages (without references and appendices).

Please contact us at with any questions.